Case Studies

M&S-ivey-coverMarks & Spencer Enter China

Jane Menzies , Ilan Alon , Jennifer Dugosh

When Marks & Spencer entered the Chinese market in 2008, it faced many difficulties. It had failed to conduct proper market research to understand the Chinese consumer, which had led to many issues. The company had neglected to address the cultural gaps between the United Kingdom and China. It had also taken an approach of standardizing its products, instead of adapting products to the new market. This case illustrates the importance of understanding differences between countries when expanding internationally and the need to accommodate those differences by appropriately adapting the marketing mix policies used.

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espressoThe Espresso Lane to Global Markets

Ilan Alon , Meredith Lohwasser

The managing director of Espressamente, the chain of coffee houses franchised by illy, knew that global expansion meant prioritizing markets, but where did the greatest potential lie? In addition to market selection, mode of entry was vital and included options such as exporting, franchising, and joint ventures. This case provides a practical example of the challenges faced in international business.

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sf-coffeeSan Francisco Coffee House: An American Style Franchise in Croatia

Ilan Alon , Mirela Alpeza , Aleksandar Erceg

On their return to Croatia following a six-year visit to the United States, a couple has decided to open their own coffee house, one that is new to Croatia — a California-style cafe that offers the quality and service of US-based coffee shops, but a locally affordable price. Should they consider franchising over organic growth? If so, how should they go about franchising in a country where the market is developing and where franchising is under-regulated, underdeveloped, and misunderstood?

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athletesfootMaster International Franchising in China: The Athlete’s Foot Inc.

Ilan Alon , Amber Xu

As the retail and services industry continues to grow in China, The Athlete’s Foot franchise is losing its first-mover advantage and faces increased competition from department stores and brand-specific retailers, among other challenges. The case describes franchising in China, the Athlete’s Foot company, and the experiences of the Chinese master franchisee.

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coldwellReal Estate Franchising: The Case of Coldwell Banker Expansion into China

Alon, Ilan;Bian, Ke

China’s real estate market only recently opened to foreign investment, and franchising in China is in its infancy. This case study provides a unique examination of international franchising into a new product market area in the country. In addition, it highlights some practices that professional services firms could adopt in their international expansion and discusses post-WTO implications to real estate franchising in China.

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