Case Studies

M&S-ivey-coverLifeNet International’s Transformation of African Healthcare via Social Franchising

Ilan Alon, Raul Carril

LifeNet International was a social conversion franchise concept aiming to provide basic, quality and sustainable healthcare to poor and underserved populations in sub-Saharan Africa. The founder and president had relied on the assistance of others to help bring about his idea of affordable healthcare. In 2012, the executive director for LifeNet International’s operations in Burundi, began focussing on developing the company in Burundi. She was excited to see LifeNet International’s presence expanding into Uganda. Her vision for LifeNet International, however, was much bigger. She envisioned LifeNet International as a sustainable organization that could provide quality healthcare and medicine to millions of people around the world.

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espressoDialogue in the Dark: Social Enterprise in China

Ilan Alon, William Hua Wang, Jennifer Dugosh, Kylie Oberdorf

The founder and CEO of Dialogue in the Dark (DID) had a very unique background with long-term professional experience. She developed a passion for working with the blind and, through this passion, she brought DID to China. DID was a social enterprise aiding the disabled through awareness. Social entrepreneurship was a fairly new concept that had only recently been introduced in China.The CEO needed to figure out how to introduce this idea of social franchising to China and how to make it successful. Further, she faced the challenge of developing and executing a successful business plan for future growth and investment for DID. Marketing and revenue outlets were limited and needed to be expanded for future growth and success..

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sf-coffeeHummus Bar: Dipping into International Markets

Ilan Alon, Jennifer Dugosh, Yusaf Akbar

The founder of Hummus Bar, a successful restaurant in Hungary, is considering expansion. He is struggling to identify and select the most promising market. Should he pursue domestic expansion or consider internationalizing his concept? The founder wants to recruit and involve additional investors to spread risk, enhance the brand through diversified skill sets and ensure he selects the most appropriate entry strategy.

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athletesfootEstimating Demand in Emerging Markets for Kodak Express

Ilan Alon, David M. Currie

An executive must estimate the demand for Kodak Express outlets in various developing countries based on socioeconomic and demographic data about the countries. The case requires students to think about how to transform data on a national scale (GDP per capita, population, income distribution) into a form that is meaningful for a managerial decision — here, the number of outlets that could be supported by a country’s market demographics. In this instance, doing so can be accomplished effectively through modeling on a spreadsheet.

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coldwellRuth’s Chris: The High Stakes of International Expansion

Ilan Alon, Allen H. Kupetz

In 2006, Ruth’s Chris Steak House was fresh off of a sizzling initial public offering and was now interested in growing their business internationally. With restaurants in just four countries outside the United States, a model to identify and rank new international markets was needed. This case provides a practical example for students to take quantitative and non-quantitative variables to create a short list of potential new markets.

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