Dialogue in the Dark – Professor Ilan Alon Interviews Dr. Andreas Heinecke

Rollins College Professor, Ilan Alon Interviews Dr. Andreas Heinecke, Managing Director of Dialog in the Dark, about social franchising, international expansion and the problems and opportunities facing the organization, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. This is an excerpt. You can view the entire interview by clicking here.


Building and managing successful partnerships in China

This video is excerpted from a lecture given by Ilan Alon, Ph.D, at the MIB School of Business in Trieste, Italy. The presentation was recorded May 22, 2013. Full presentation can be found by clicking here.


The Case of China – Should Advertising be Standardized?

This video contains excerpts from a longer presentation on advertising in China, given to a group of industry professionals. The full-length presentation may be viewed by clicking here.